Vanderbilt Search Group: Reflecting your need for quality people
Sample Interview Questions
Below are some possible Interview Questions to help you explore a candidate's qualifications. Some companies like to assign different interviewers different question areas so that the candidate isn't subject to just answering the same questions from each interviewer.

  • Request an overview of the candidate's current organization
  • Request an overview of the candidate's current department and direct reports
  • Ask their opinion on their boss
  • Have them identify the plusses and minuses of working for their current organization
  • Have them describe the best boss/organization they've worked for and why
  • Ask them what they ideally would like their next job to be
  • Ask them what their specific accomplishments have been
  • Ask why are they currently interested in talking about a new opportunity, i.e., what's missing in their current position
  • Explore any gaps in their employment history
  • Ask for their current compensation package (base salary separate from bonus)
  • Have them describe themselves and ask how others who have worked for them would describe them
  • If your firm is comfortable in having you do so, explore personal information (e.g., where they grew up; ages/activities of kids; whether their spouse works; (if relevant) whether they'd relocate; length of commute)
  • Probe any specific areas that you find especially important or crucial to have. For example, in the Audit area, probe for knowledge of regulations, ask what's done in-house vs. being outsourced, explore the candidate's relationship with the Audit Committee, explore their company's key issues in the Audit area, etc.
  • Ask if they've had a chance to do any research on your company
  • Ask if they know anyone who works for your firm
  • Ask what questions they have of you
We hope this helps.